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Why UNICA 2018 in the Czech Republic?
Thanks to historic circumstances, the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed in 1918 and an independent Czechoslovak state emerged. In 2018, 100 years will pass from this event when the Czechs together with Slovaks started to write a new chapter of their history. Since 1918, many significant events occurred in the life of the Czech nation. An interesting fact is that a majority of these significant years ended in the number eight. Our video reminds some of them.

Why UNICA 2018 in Blansko?
Blansko is a middle sized town situated in the South Moravian Region about 20 km from Brno. It was first mentioned in a chronicle from 1136 when it was a small hamlet. Its biggest growth dates to the second half of the twentieth century. At present, Blansko has almost 21 thousand inhabitants and it takes an area of slightly less than 20 km2.
The town is called a Gate to the Moravian Karst. The Moravian Karst is a state protected countryside area and it is the largest and best developed karst area with the widest spectrum of karst phenomena in the Czech Republic. The main attraction for tourist in the Moravian Karst is a world known abyss called Macocha that is a part of the Punkevní jeskyně caves complex. A visit to these caves will be a part of a one-day trip during the UNICA 2017 festival. Our video shows the Blansko surroundings at the turn of August September, which is also the time when our festival will be held

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